A conceptual four-stage counter-current wash

Vanadium Water Leach Meets Target for World Leading Extraction

Second stage leaching testwork supports targeted overall vanadium leach extraction for Bankable Feasibility Study

  • Overall combined roast and leach vanadium extraction including first and second leach stages is validated at 92%, a key differentiator for AVL’s pellet roast and leach processing circuit.
  • The water-leach and wash processes impressively removed 99% of soluble vanadium from the Fe-Ti coproduct, enhancing its value for direct use in steelmaking.
  • Unique AVL mechanical water leach circuit shown to be a viable, cost effective design, maximising onshore Australian extraction of high value critical mineral vanadium products.
  • Work conducted at ALS testing facilities in Perth – a research partner in AVL’s Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Projects scheme entitled: “Production of 99.95% Pure Vanadium Pentoxide and Vanadium Electrolytes”.
  • Another successful step advancing the Company’s goal to design, build and operate the world’s next and lowest cost primary vanadium operation.
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