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Australian Vanadium Limited is an emerging vanadium producer developing its high-grade Australian Vanadium Project in Western Australia

The Australian Vanadium Project has been awarded Major Project Status by the Australian Federal Government and Lead Agency Status by the Western Australian Government in recognition of its strategic importance as a critical and battery metal project

A technical and financial update to the Pre-Feasibility Study has recently been released, with process design and extensive metallurgical test work completed. Australian Vanadium Limited is currently undertaking a Bankable Feasibility Study as it progresses towards extraction of its high-grade vanadium and FeTi coproduct.

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Australian Vanadium Ltd's mission is to increase shareholder wealth through the development of the Australian Vanadium Project and the vanadium redox flow battery market through subsidiary VSUN Energy.

What has captured many investors’ attention is vanadium’s potential in the renewable energy sector.

Being able to capture renewable energy to use when it’s convenient and being able to bring power to remote areas where the health and economic benefits of reduced diesel use is measurable, is a socially attractive use for vanadium.

Vanadium’s role in the reduction of carbon emissions in the steel and construction industry is also significant.

AVL is committed to providing our shareholders with the best possible exposure to the benefits our high-grade deposit can produce from both the steel and battery markets.

- Vincent Algar, Managing Director

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AVL Lodges Patent Application for Vanadium Processing Circuit

Unique processing route to be protected by patent application AVL submits unique vanadium processing flowsheet provisional patent application. The processing circuit is at the core of AVL’s ongoing BFS engineering...

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AVL Lodges Application for Federal Government Manufacturing Grant

Grant application aligns with AVL’s vanadium processing plans to retain value in Australia. AVL has applied for a grant from the Australian Government under the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals...

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ESG Consultant Appointed to Map Sustainability Pathway for AVL

Globally recognised consultancy Advisian to undertake Environmental, Social and Governance gap analysis for AVL as part of its Bankable Feasibility Study Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy appointed Global consultancy...

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Why invest in Vanadium?

With a role as both a critical metal and a battery metal, vanadium demand continues to grow and has a positive future

Vanadium demand is strong and the demand is trending upwards.

This is partly due to improved structural steel regulations in China and the growing battery market. In addition, the global production of vanadium is decreasing due to emission control over mines in China, a ban on the import of vanadium slag to China and reduced supply from South Africa. AVL’s high-grade vanadium deposit can meet the needs of an eager market.



  • 92% of vanadium consumption is for steel.
  • The addition of as little as 0.1% vanadium increases steel strength by up to 100%, whilst reducing weight up to 30%.
  • Demand for use in rebar (reinforcing steel used as rods in concrete) continues to increase at 6% annually.
  • New Chinese government standards for rebar insist on increased vanadium for strength in construction, double that of the rest of the world.
  • New markets are emerging and scaling up. These markets will increase vanadium demand further as it becomes more widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace, power lines and pylons.
Australian Vanadium Ltd is leveraging opportunities within the emerging battery storage market for renewable energy solutions. 
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AVL’s team brings together experts in geoscience, mining, chemical engineering, marketing and corporate governance, with extensive vanadium experience. Our team is committed to seeing this high-grade vanadium resource through to production.

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