Vision & Strategy

Australian Vanadium Ltd’s (AVL) mission is to increase shareholder wealth through capital growth, by the development of profitable mining operations and downstream opportunities.

The Company’s initial objective is to develop the Australian Vanadium Project in Western Australia. AVL may also evaluate other prospective mining projects that would have the potential to contribute to future growth.

A merger with neighbouring vanadium project developer, Technology Metals Australia has now been completed.

AVL is focused on the following current short to medium term objectives:
    • Completion of first phase of Optimised Feasiblity Study (OFS) to finalise trade off studies and inform the preferred project development pathway for the integrated project

Key actions include:

        • optimisation of mining and processing schedules with a focus on maximising concentrate quality and coproduct outcomes, maximising revenue and unlocking opportunities to reduce capital and operating costs;
        • rationalisation of plant and infrastructure to improve mine plan and capital cost; and
        • sharing of stakeholder relationships, technical knowledge, infrastructure and operating practices.

Immediate priorities, beyond the integration work, centre on:

          • finalising a combined mineral resource statement;
          • finalising funding and offtake for the combined project;
          • completing regulatory, environmental and permitting requirements;
          • working with stakeholders to create a positive impact in our communities;
          • producing and selling vanadium electrolyte for vanadium flow batteries (VFBs); and
          • growing the VFB market through subsidiary VSUN Energy.
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