Coates Vanadium

The Coates vanadium deposit is situated approximately 35km east of the Perth metropolitan area in the Shire of Wundowie.

The geology of the Coates deposit is unique and shows that vanadiferous magnetite is developed from the weathering profile of an underlying gabbro in a laterite outcrop on a ridge. The Coates vanadium deposit occurs in magnetite lenses at the core of the layered Coates Gabbro. The gabbro is poorly exposed in an area of extensive lateritization, but appears to be between two granitic bodies. The Coates Gabbro is about 1 km long and up to 600 m wide.

Exploration at Coates was undertaken in the 1970s after its discovery in the early 1960s.
The mineral resources at Coates were described in the 1978 Geological Survey of WA Mineral Resources Bulletin No. 11, which in part stated that “the deposit contains minimum indicated reserves of 39 Mt to a cut-off grade of 0.4 % and an average grade of 0.51% V205 according to McKay.”

Due to the historical nature of the resources stated above they are not reported in compliance with the 2012 JORC Code.

Metallurgical testwork was completed by AMDEL laboratories in 1975 on samples from the Coates deposit with favourable results. Mining plans had also previously been produced by Agnew Clough Ltd on the Coates vanadium deposit although no significant mining was undertaken.

Due to its close proximity to Perth, a portion of the exploration licence area is covered by nature reserve or semi-rural development, however Vacant Crown Land covers the eastern portion of the original Coates vanadium deposit.

AVL’s Exploration Licence E70/4924-I was approved during 2017.

Map of Coates Vanadium Project

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