The Australian Vanadium Project

ESG Consultant Appointed to Map Sustainability Pathway for AVL

Globally recognised consultancy Advisian to undertake Environmental, Social and Governance gap analysis for AVL as part of its Bankable Feasibility Study

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy appointed
  • Global consultancy Advisian to undertake gap analysis as part of Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS)
  • AVL has a existing strong focus on ESG areas such as:
    • Green hydrogen strategy for emission reduction
    • Renewable energy focused subsidiary VSUN Energy
    • Active community engagement in areas of planned operations in the Mid West Region
  • AVL’s ESG roadmap to be outlined effectively for investors
  • Outcomes will inform the development of a detailed plan for AVL to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner as it moves towards production of vanadium from the Australian Vanadium Project
  • ESG goals are high on the agenda of investors globally and include:
    • Scope 1 emissions reduction
    • Ethical and good governance business practices
    • Social and environmental responsibility for local communities
  • Final roadmap recommendations will be incorporated into the BFS implementation plan
  • Vanadium as a critical, steel and battery metal is a strong contributor to global emission reduction and sustainable use of metals
ESG Consultant Appointed to Map Sustainability Pathway for AVL View PDF (386KB)
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