Final Pyrometallurgy Results Confirm World Leading Vanadium Extraction

Final reporting of test results of the roast-leach pilot testwork campaign has confirmed high combined vanadium roast / leach extractions up to 94.9%.

  • Pilot scale testwork applying a well-established Grate Kiln technology demonstrates energy efficiency and adaptability for vanadium roasting.
  • Process optimisation by roasting a concentrate representative of average early years mine production, has resulted in vanadium roast/leach extractions up to 94.9%.
  • Roasting testwork conducted on concentrate representative of the average forecast for later years of processing produced optimum vanadium roast/leach extraction at 92.2%. Both results provide significant improvements compared to a traditional rotary kiln flowsheet as typically applied in vanadium processing.
  • Completion of the pilot scale roasting program now enables the BFS engineering design for the concentrate preparation and grate kiln areas to be updated.
  • Testwork was partly funded by the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre – Projects scheme entitled: “Production of 99.95% Pure Vanadium Pentoxide and Vanadium Electrolytes”.
Final Pyrometallurgy Results Confirm World Leading Vanadium Extraction View PDF (536KB)
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