VRFB Vanadium Consumption Forecast

Vanadium Electrolyte Manufacturing Plant Build Awarded to Primero

Western Australian engineering group appointed to undertake Early Contractor Involvement

  • Western Australian engineering group Primero appointed for first stage of AVL’s vanadium electrolyte manufacturing plant build.
  • AVL recently awarded Australian Government grant of $3.69M to co-fund commercial vanadium electrolyte plant development, to be located in WA.
  • The AVL facility will be the first full scale vanadium electrolyte manufacturing plant in Australia.
  • Vanadium electrolyte is the key component of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) which are used to store and redeploy renewable energy.
  • Project will be capable of producing up to 33 MWh of VRFB energy storage annually.
  • AVL has partnered with U.S. Vanadium LLC to utilise proven electrolyte manufacturing technology, simplifying design, construction, and start-up.
  • Facility will support the anticipated rapid growth of the long duration, renewable energy powered VRFB market in Australia.
Vanadium Electrolyte Manufacturing Plant Build Awarded to Primero View PDF (376KB)
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