Vanadium Drilling Results Support DFS

Positive results from the pilot collection drilling demonstrate further consistency of width, grade and depth extent of The Australian Vanadium Project.

Key Points:

  • 30 large diameter diamond core holes were completed at The Australian Vanadium Project in April 2019 for use in ongoing pilot scale test work
  • Material from 14 of the holes was used primarily for high-priority DFS pilot scale processing
  • Assay results from 16 successful depth-extension holes targeting mineralisation below the base of the PFS life of mine pit have been received
  • A high-grade vanadium-rich zone grading over 1.2% V2O5 is identified consistently at depths below previous drilling, supporting previous work
  • Best intersections include;
      • 18m at 1.17% V2O5 and 73.4% Fe2O3 from 109m in 19MTDT004
      • 11.67m at 1.20% V2O5 and 75.5% Fe2O3 from 129.65m in 19MTDT011
      • 15m at 1.23% V2O5 and 61.2% Fe2O3 from 101m in 19MTDT015
      • 17m at 1.17% V2O5 and 61.3% Fe2O3 from 20.2m in 19MTDT016
  •  Results will be included in a resource upgrade planned for the 4th quarter
  • Program focused on development area in northern 2km of total 11.5km of AVL held deposit strike
  • Pilot scale metallurgical test program underway to confirm details of processing circuit for final DFS design
  • Hydrology drilling, DFS engineering and environmental approval support work ongoing
Vanadium Drilling Results Support DFS View PDF (2 MB)
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