Vanadium Battery Standalone Power System Update

VSUN Energy’s vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) project for IGO Limited (ASX: IGO) progresses, as unit begins international shipment to Western Australia

  • First VRFB-based standalone power system (SPS) project for a mining operation in WA.
  • VRFB being shipped from manufacturer E22 in Spain.
  • SPS to be trialled by IGO Limited (ASX: IGO) to target 100% renewable energy to power a water bore pump.
  • Mining sector offers a wide range of opportunities for fossil fuel reduction using 100% renewable energy coupled with long duration energy storage (12+ hours) using VRFB SPS configuration by VSUN Energy.
  • Project partly funded by $3.69M Australian Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative Grant.
  • System design, testing and implementation are being completed by VSUN Energy, 100% owned subsidiary of Australian Vanadium Limited.
Vanadium Battery Standalone Power System Update View PDF (671 KB )
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