Iron-Titanium Co-Product Sales Opportunities to Differentiate AVL

Feasibility study innovations identify multiple high-value pathways for iron co-product

  • Bankable Feasibility Study to be based on a vanadium processing plant location east of Geraldton in WA.
  • Location offers a unique opportunity to:
    o Access cheaper natural gas for processing and limiting the need for new high-risk, high-cost gas pipeline infrastructure;
    o Create capability to produce and sell iron co-products;
    o Enable other downstream processing opportunities.
  • An investigation into calcine sale opportunities has identified multiple potential revenue streams to support AVL’s objective of achieving the world’s lowest-cost vanadium production.
  • Funded by a CRC-P research grant, AVL is pursuing further value addition to the iron co-product by:
    o Pelletising;
    o Upgrading iron-titanium by-products by further removal of gangue and other techniques;
    o Developing a processing solution for separating titanium from the calcine.
  • Based on the PFS, the Project is forecast to produce 922,500 tonnes (dry basis) per annum of 54-55% Fe iron co-product over a 17 year mine life.
  • Vanadium and titanium are both recognised as critical metals by Australia and its major trading partners.
Iron-Titanium Co-Product Sales Opportunities to Differentiate AVL View PDF (995KB)
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