Co-operative Research Centre Vanadium Project Update

Milestone achievements through the first year of the research grant for vanadium processing.

  • Significant progress achieved from research milestones for the Australian Vanadium Project including:
    • Pyrometallurgical pilot with Metso’s Grate Kiln technology complete and has confirmed its suitability for vanadium, with extractions of up to 94.9% achieved.
    • Hydrometallurgical testwork has demonstrated the effectiveness of the ammonium polyvanadate precipitation process, leading to a high purity product.
    • Characterisation and testwork of variability samples has demonstrated high iron grades of over 60% achievable in concentrates from southern ore blocks.
    • Benchscale reduction-roast testwork has demonstrated that the FeTi coproduct stream can be upgraded to 66% iron, with further work underway using alternative reductants such as green hydrogen.
  • Vanadium electrolyte production and low-grade ore beneficiation work streams ongoing as part of CRC-P, to maximise upstream and downstream benefits.
  • AVL has submitted a vanadium processing circuit patent application based on results achieved as part of the CRC-P.
  • All research work milestones complement progress towards completion of the Bankable Feasibility Study for the Australian Vanadium Project.
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