Blesberg Exploration Update


Laboratory results for all 41 holes received.

Pegmatite intersections in 38 holes contain

  • 50% feldspar average content.

Opportunity for niche, high-value feldspar product with accessory mineral credits.

Encouraging tantalum results:

  • BBRC002 – 8m @ 1,532ppm Ta including 1m @ 8,190ppm Ta and 1m @ 2,880ppm Ta
  • BBRC040 – 5m @ 414ppm Ta including 1m @ 1,535ppm Ta
  • BBRC018 – 7m @ 349ppm Ta including 1m @ 2,080ppm Ta
  • BBRC005 – 12m @ 263ppm Ta including 1m @ 1,645ppm Ta

Best lithium and beryllium results:

  • BBRC017 – 2m @ 10,505ppm Li including 1m @ 20,100ppm Li
  • BBRC005 – 2m @ 1,000ppm Be including 1m @ 1,160ppm
  • BBRC009 – 2m @ 913ppm Be including 1m @ 1,490ppm

Overall lithium results confined to isolated areas of intense spodumene mineralisation present in the highly zoned pegmatites.

Feldspar use in solar panels and vanadium glass part of growing demand for the mineral.

All future cash consideration payments (US$750,000) stopped. Project deal being renegotiated around feldspar development.

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