AVL Awarded $1.25 Million Vanadium Research and Development Grant

Federal Government CRC-P Grant awarded to AVL to partly fund a $4.9 million industry-leading critical metals research and development project.

Key Points:

  • AVL has been awarded a highly competitive Australian Federal Government CRC-P Grant to partly fund industry-leading critical metals research aimed at improving the efficiency of vanadium processing.
  • The $4.9m research initiative will be undertaken by AVL in conjunction with world renowned industry and academic partners including Wood, ALS, Curtin University and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).
  • Includes $1.25 million in direct grant funding on milestone achievements, with in-kind contributions from participating partners and a contribution of $2.5 million by AVL.
  • AVL and its partners aim to develop innovative solutions that improve all aspects of vanadium production from Vanadium-Titanium-Magnetite (VTM) deposits, including:
    • Development of an ultra-high purity vanadium pentoxide production path;
    • Extraction of valuable by-products including critical minerals such as titanium;
    • Increasing recoveries from mine to mill; and
    • Reduction of waste products from mining and processing.
  • These improvements are expected to have a positive impact on operating costs of The Australian Vanadium Project, helping AVL achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s lowest cost vanadium producers.
AVL Awarded $1.25 Million Vanadium Research and Development Grant View PDF (363 KB)
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