Diversity Policy

The Company recognises that a diverse and talented workforce is a competitive advantage and that the Company’s success is the result of the quality and skills of our people. Our policy is to recruit and manage on the basis of qualification for the position and performance, regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religious beliefs, cultural background, sexuality or physical ability.  It is essential that the Company employs the appropriate person for each job and that each person strives for a high level of performance.

The Company’s strategies are to:

  • recruit and manage on the basis of an individual’s competence, qualification and performance;
  • create a culture that embraces diversity and that rewards people to act in accordance with this policy;
  • appreciate and respect the unique aspects that individual brings to the workplace;
  • foster an inclusive and supportive culture to enable people to develop to their full potential;
  • identify factors to be taken into account in the employee selection process to ensure we have the right person for the right job;
  • take action to prevent and stop discrimination, bullying and harassment; and
  • recognise that employees at all levels of the Company may have domestic responsibilities.

The Board is accountable for ensuring this policy is effectively implemented. Each employee has a responsibility to ensure that these objectives are achieved.

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